Confirmed At-Risk Identified

Identifies credentials that are compromised but not yet used in a crime


Discover compromised credentials before a criminal login event occurs

Access to the CP Network

CredProtect Network includes unrelated third-party data breaches, old malware campaigns, inactive phishing campaigns, and more

Cost Savings

Easier integration and scalable protection are flexible and affordable

Flexible Integration

Can be deployed onsite or externally

Invisible, Frictionless Touch

Effective credential monitoring with no added burdens or processes to slow users or customers on your network

Efficient & Full Control

Options allow your analysts to isolate, resolve, monitor or disregard any compromised credential identified

Other Technology-based Company Solutions:

At-Risk Not Identified

Waits for a criminal to use the compromised credential in a crime

Not Preemptive

A criminal login event must occur first

No Network

Results are limited to specific data sets collected

High Cost

Expensive licensing and integration

Not Flexible

Full integration into IT environment

Burdensome Infrastructure Required

Adds time to the login process resulting in end user increased friction

Manual Resolution

Matches will require building the internal infrastructure to resolve compromised credentials