Preemptively Hunt Capture  Compromised Login Credentials.

Premier cybercrime prevention software designed to defeat cyber criminals who attack employee, customer, and supply chain networks.


Locates the Global Known Bad & the Identified At-Risk. 

CT6.® CredProtect proprietary processes (U.S. patent pending) provide the most comprehensive search of login credentials available, powerful enough to uncover hidden connections to compromised credentials (the Known Bad) and credentials stolen but not yet used by criminals (the Identified At-Risk).  This insight preemptively stops fraud.


Cybercrime losses topped $1 Trillion in 2020 for the first time, up 50% from 2018.  Compromised credentials are a leading cause of cybercrime financial losses and damaged corporate reputations.


Combines Advanced Technology & Premier Data Collection into one solution. 

Unique to CT6.® CredProtect, we combine technology solutions and data collection solutions into a single platform. No existing market offering compares to CT6.® CredProtect advanced technology and data management to keep your networks safe while maintaining peak performance.


Flexibility Based on Your Needs.

CT6.® CredProtect provides extreme flexibility. Several integration options allow any business, industry or organization to focus on specific risk areas.

CredProtect for Employees

Find compromised employee credentials to decrease vulnerabilities and risk of network exploitation.

CredProtect for Customers

Find customers with compromised credentials to decrease the risk of Account Take Over (ATO).

CredProtect for Supply Chain

Find compromised credentials belonging to vendors and other third parties to decrease the risk of Business Email Compromise (BEC).

How it Works 

Basic (non-PII) credential information is matched against the Global Known Bad to identify the at-risk credentials of your employees, customers, vendors, and other third parties.


Our fully automated and proprietary process notifies your internal experts of any at-risk credentials to mitigate.  Your experts can act immediately to alleviate the threat, or simply monitor specific credentials for action later if desired.  You have full control.    



You can repeat this process as often as you wish (every month, day, or hour), and you can customize which credentials are scrubbed at any timing interval.

While it is virtually impossible to stop credential compromise and theft, CredProtect locates and identifies at-risk credentials effectively neutralizing any theft or breach before it causes harm or loss.


Stolen or Hacked Login Credentials


Confirmed At-Risk Identified

Identifies credentials that are compromised but not yet used in a crime


Discover compromised credentials before a criminal login event occurs

Flexible Integration

Can be deployed onsite or externally

Invisible, Frictionless Touch

Effective credential monitoring with no added burdens or processes to slow users

Other Technology-based Company Solutions:

At-Risk Not Identified

Waits for a criminal to use the compromised credential in a crime

Not Preemptive

A criminal login event must occur first

Not Flexible

Requires full integration into IT environment

Burdensome Infrastructure Required

Adds time to the login process resulting in end user increased friction


Access to the CredProtect Network

CredProtect Network includes unrelated third-party data breaches, old malware campaigns, inactive phishing campaigns, and more


No PII is exported from internal network reducing data vulnerability

Privacy Law Compliant

U.S. DOJ/ E.U. GDPR privacy laws compliant


Ethical data hunting and collection means criminals do not profit and stolen data is not trafficked by your company and vendor

Other Data Collection-based Company Solutions:

No Network

Results are limited to data sets purchased from dark Internet sources with limited scope and matches

Not Secure

Requires an export of PII from internal networks creating another vulnerability

Uncertain Privacy Compliant

Unproven based on data acquisition methods

Potential Ethical or Criminal Risk

May use unlawful practices for data acquisition which could complete the criminal-profit cycle and fund future hacks or fraud events

See CT6.® CredProtect proprietary technology in a live demonstration to see firsthand why it is the optimum, most advanced technology available. 


Unique to 


CT6.® CredProtect began as a successful defense against compromised login credentials for a global financial institution that saved over $60 million.


Today, CT6.® CredProtect is the most advanced technology available to hunt and capture the compromised login credentials of employees, customers, and supply chain vendors and merchants.

Developed, Designed, Stored, and Operated entirely

within the United States.

Ethical Data Hunting

CT6.® CredProtect does not rely on purchased or trafficked stolen data like other companies do.


CT6.® CredProtect is the only truly preemptive solution to stop fraud before it happens.  CT6.® CredProtect finds stolen credentials not yet used in a crime or login event.

Keeps Your Data Safe.

CT6.® CredProtect does not require PII of employees, customers or third parties.  This information stays on your network where it belongs.

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What is CredProtect Deep Dive Detection Technology?


Other companies simply buy and scan stolen data, then they send it to you.  CredProtect utilizes proprietary data collection methodologies within extensive alternative data sources to connect the dots across disparate platforms to provide a superior set of results.  While others merely pass along information, we create it.


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Premier cyber threat intelligence designed to defeat cybercriminals who attack employee, customer, and supply chain networks.